Renown measures your personal standing among spirits and other Uratha, governing your right to control territory and master new Gifts.

In the Shadow, your Renown is visible as a series of light, silvery brands on your body. The shape of these symbols indicates the type of Renown, while the size and quantity indicates the extent. Renown does not imply fame or status outside spirit and werewolf circles.

Five types of Renown
  • Purity (Rahu, Hunters in Darkness) – Self-control, clarity of purpose; the preservation of the untouched wilds
  • Glory (Cahalith, Blood Talons) – Courage, heroic deeds, inspiration; great acts of valor to erase the shame of Father Wolf’s death
  • Honor (Elodoth, Storm Lords) – Honesty, justice, respect for law; devotion to duty, integrity, and Harmony
  • Wisdom (Ithaeur, Bone Shadows) – Insight, prudence, introspection; Knowing how best to use knowledge and power
  • Cunning (Irraka, Iron Masters) – Guile, adaptability, ruthlessness; Acting contrary to proper behavior for the good of the pack
Gaining Renown
  • Your Tribe and Auspice determine your primary Renown types. You may never have more dots in in another Renown than you do in your highest primary Renown
  • You begin play with 3 dots of Renown, at least one of which must be assigned to each of your primary Renowns (if your Auspice and Tribe share the same Primary Renown, put 2 points in that)
  • Normally, Renown is purchased with XP, but I will be granting Renown for free as the game goes on
  • Once you’ve been told you’re eligible for more Renown, you must perform the Rite of the Spirit Brand (WtF 154)
  • When your Renown increases, you immediately gain a free new Gift at the same level as your new Renown
    • This Gift must be chosen from your affinity lists (Auspice, Tribe, Father Wolf, Mother Luna)
Losing Renown
  • When changing Tribes (WtF 150), you lose 1 Renown from the Tribe’s primary Renown
    • No non-primary Renown may be higher than the highest primary Renown, and any such ratings also drop accordingly
  • Losing a dot in Renown does not affect the gift you learned when gaining that dot
  • To join a new Tribe, you must have at least 1 dot in that Tribe’s primary Renown.
Renown effects
  • You may not purchase a Gift whose level exceeds your highest primary Renown
  • All Gifts (WtF 102) that require rolls add a particular Renown rating to your dice pool
    • You suffer no penalty for lacking the listed Renown; you simply don’t gain any bonus dice
  • Add your dots in Tribal primary Renown to any Social roll when interacting with a fellow Tribe member
  • Your total Renown determines your honorary Rank among spirits (WtF 272)
Renown and Territory

Werewolves of renown treat each other with respect and hospitality.

When two werewolves meet for the first time, each rolls his highest Primary Renown as a non-contested check. Any successes means the other werewolf has heard of your deeds, and roughly knows your level of standing.

To compare pack reputations, roll for the pack member with the highest rating in one of their Primary Renown. In case of a tie within the pack, compare the tying werewolves’ total renown, but still roll highest Primary Renown.


  • Conveying Renown through a glyph marked on your territory (-1, -2)
  • Meeting a werewolf from the same tribe (+1, +2)


  • Dramatic failure: -1 to all Social rolls for 1 scene – completely unknown and untrusted
  • Failure: The other werewolves are unaware of your reputation and treat you like any other intruder or threat
  • Success: Word of your deeds has spread to this werewolf or pack, and they treat you and your pack with respect and hospitality

Renown awards


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