Spirit ranks

Spirits measure power by Rank much the way Werewolves measure power through Primal Urge.

Rank dictates a spirit’s respect in the Hisil, the limits of its traits, how many Attribute Dots it receives at character creation, and its maximum Essence.

  • All attempts to forcibly bind a spirit take a penalty equal to the spirit’s Rank.
  • At Rank 5 or above, a spirit becomes too powerful to accurately quantify or roll dice against
  • Trait limits refer to permanent dots, not temporary boosts
Rank Power level Trait limits Attribute dots Max Ess
1 Lesser Gaffling 5 5-8 10
2 Greater Gaffling 7 9-14 15
3 Lesser Jaggling 9 15-25 20
4 Greater Jaggling 12 26-35 25
5 Minor Gods/Incarnae (Major cities) 15 36-45 50
6 Lesser Gods/Incarnae (Watershed technologies)
7 Greater gods/Incarnae (Major countries, universal concepts)
8 Lesser Celestines (The planets, the asteroid belt)
9 Greater Celestines (Gaia, Helios)
10 Beyond conception (Fate, dreams, order, chaos, entropy)

Honorary Rank

When dealing with spirits, werewolves are considered to have an honorary rank based determined by adding up all their renown.

This dictates the relative respect a werewolf should show a spirit, and vice-versa. Furthermore, a werewolf can use Chiminage to coax a spirit of equal or lesser rank to teach a gift.

Total Renown Honorary Rank
0-7 2
8-15 3
6-23 4
24+ 5

Spirit ranks

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