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Lesser Gaffling

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Greater Gaffling

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Lesser Jaggling

World’s Largest
Spirit of the World’s Largest Redwood Tree Service Station

The spirit court of the California sequoias is as complicated and byzantine as it is conservative and proud. These are literally the largest trees in all the world, and some of the oldest.

As such, their spirits are every bit as haughty as the highest boughs, and the redwood forests are home to some of the most cutthroat intrigue in the hisil, though no werewolf has the patience (or the millennial lifespan) to know it.

World’s Largest was one of the foremost of these Crimson Princes of Skybrushing Vermillion, and though his own tree was neither the largest or the eldest in the wood, it was one of the healthiest and strongest. He was a survivor, through and through.

So when men came and tore the tree down, quartered the massive trunk, and hollowed it out to serve as a novelty gas station in the 50s, the spirit of the tree did not lay down and die, but became instead the spirit of the gas station.

For years, he dreamed of somehow returning to the woods, but abandoned those dreams once he realized they were impossible. He changed his name to World’s Largest, and willingly became _magath_¸ feeding on the spirits around the gas station until he became as much an artificial spirit as he ever was a nature spirit.

The spirits of the area look down on World’s Largest for being a hybrid, but respect him to his face as keeper of a healthy neutral locus. Anyone who makes trouble at the station swiftly finds that World’s Largest has kept much of his evergreen strength. And like a tree, he never forgets a slight – no one banished from the locus has ever been allowed to return.

World’s Largest appears as a hulking, raw-muscled and pot-bellied redwood man with flinty eyes, wearing grease-stained coveralls and a trucker cap with a redwood insignia. His right leg is a twisted root, and he routinely coughs up oily sap, but these are the only outward signs that being magath has affected him adversely.

Rank 4
Greater Jaggling

Rank 5
Major Jagglings and minor gods

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Gods and Incarna


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