Rank 1
Lesser Gaffling

Rank 2
Greater Gaffling

Rank 3
Lesser Jaggling

Rank 4
Greater Jaggling

The Hangman
The Mendocino War

There is a horrible thing alive in Ukiah, a lone, mighty bane of tragedy and bloodshed and of shame upon the land.

Spirits know to stay away from the gazebo across from Redbud Library in Orchard Park. For here stalks a hideous giant, walking like a gorilla on the knuckles of its musclebound arms. Four gibbets rise from bleeding wounds in its hunched back, and from the four ropes hang the four broken-necked ghosts of the Indians lynched during the Mendocino War.

The hangman’s head is covered by an eyeless executioner’s shroud hanging nearly to the floor. His preferred method of killing is to shoot a barbed noose (up to four, actually) from beneath that hood. Anyone dragged underneath disappears forever, his screams drowned out by the sounds of swinging fists and crushed bones.

The Hangman says nothing, and seems to want nothing. He ruthlessly devours any interlopers, including several werewolves and even a whole pack who have challenged him over the years. And he views stepping within sight of the gazebo as a challenge. He comes charging out to meet intruders, silent save for the moaning of his captive ghosts.

Rank 5
Major Jagglings and minor gods

Rank 6+
Gods and Incarna


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