Artificial Spirits

Rank 1
Lesser Gaffling

A bicycle built for two

Tim and Jo-An Wong were avid cyclists who spent their weekends trail-biking and their weekdays tooling around on a two-person bike with the license plate DAY Z. They were enjoying a brisk Sunday ride when a drunk driver careened into their bike.

Tim and Jo-Ann died on impact, but their sudden terror and shock burst through the gauntlet and gave their bike a spirit.

Day-Z limps through the Hisil, a twisted wreck of a two-seater bicycle, squeaking sadly as it goes. Any spirits drawn in, eager for easy prey or even moved by compassion quickly find out to their sorrow that the bicycle’s injuries are entirely superficial.

Day-Z is a predator like any other spirit, and its creation, tinged with terror, adds desperation to its frenzied feeding.

Rank 2
Greater Gaffling

Dax St. Jax’s beloved Prius

Dax St. Jaques is a typical California nice-guy pot dealer, selling his harmless drug to laid-back hippies, commiserating with them about pet liberal causes, and then driving off in his fuel-efficient Prius.

Dax really loves that Prius, a black 2011 with the license plate “DAX+JAX”. He loves it so much, and it’s become such a ubiquitous symbol of incoming good times, that its spirit has awoken.

The spirit’s name is DAX+JAX, and it exudes the sorts of airs Dax himself does. In the Hisil, it is leaner and sleeker than normal Prius, almost more like a sports car, its headlights always half-hooded as if by relaxed eyebrows. He occasionally lets down his window to vent a few curls of pot smoke, and the scent of fine kush wafts from his tailpipe.

DAX+JAX is just concerned enough about the world to seem sincere, but is mostly a self-interested joker. He likes to lure other car, gasoline, and road spirits in with high-minded talk about bringing cars back in a big way, but he mostly just ends up eating them. Still, he is deathly afraid Dax will have to sell him someday soon, and DAX+JAX would do anything to avoid being just another prized car rusting in a junkyard.

Riders on the Roads
The open freeway

They run in packs, up and down the massive 101. Free-wheeling spirits of the open freeway, the Riders on the Roads represent speed, freedom, and aggression, and herald the coming of the mighty Godling called Lanesplitter.

Each Rider on the Roads looks like an iconic American motor vehicle made entirely of concrete, not quite separate from the roads they ride upon. They almost always run in packs of three to several dozen, following the will of whichever vehicle happens to be out front. Hence, a pack of Riders on the Road is a constant race of cars cutting each other off, blocking each other in, and desperately trying to be leader, however brief their reign may be.

Whether it’s a Harley Davidson Fatboy, a Ford Mustang, a Jon Deere truck, or a Hummer H2 calling the shots, all Riders on the Road are aggressive, arrogant, and in a hurry. They welcome the company of any who can ride in their competitive number, and answer any threats with promises of retribution from Lanesplitter, for anywhere they pass, the God of the 101 is sure to follow soon.

Rank 3
Lesser Jaggling

Rank 4
Greater Jaggling

Rank 5
Major Jagglings and minor gods

Rank 6+
Gods and Incarna

Artificial Spirits

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