Tamina Wilkinson

Regional Director, Mendocino Pacific Gas and Electric


This is Mendocino Pacific Gas & Electric. The standards and practices of our sister franchises are no concern of mine."


If she’d been born in the middle ages, Tamina Wilkinson would make one hell of a feudal lady. As it stands, she is perfectly suited to running a ruthlessly efficient corporate franchise in the era of balkanized business.

A black woman from a lower-middle-class suburb, Tamina worked her way up from a post-military DeVry degree and a reception position at the Ukiah PG&E dispatch, to regional directorship of the entire franchise in only three years. She stepped on faces on her way up, and made sure to step hard enough that her enemies would never be able to claw their way back up to hurt her.

Tamina latched onto the idea of corporate franchise independence almost immediately, and the local PG&E has become a powerhouse under her control. She runs both her business and her private security force with hard work, iron discipline, and the trust of her well-rewarded underlings.

A short and full-figured black woman, she keeps her hair in a stylish pixie cut and wears immaculate, colorful suits to the office. Her figure masks a swift runner with excellent reflexes and a crafty mind who spends three nights a week at the company shooting range.

Brook Knows some people at MPG&E (Contacts **) and occasionally takes consulting jobs for them (Resources *). MPG&E particularly likes to hire Brook for jobs which might involve personal bodily harm as he seems to have no concern for self preservation. They see him as competent, cheap, and expendable. These qualities have have caused him to catch the attention of Tamina on a few occasions.

Tamina Wilkinson

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