(GGG) Tyrel Washington "Stretch" Willis

Smooth operator


“What you think, this nice suit means I’m all talk? Suit’s dedicated, son. Suit won’t be what’s shredded if I think you’re ducking an honest bargain.”


As a teen athlete in the Mission, Tyrel Willis was too tall and gangling to ever make it in his beloved sport of football, and so was relegated to basketball. He became a local hoops sensation, but the name “Stretch” was an insult.

Then he Changed, joined the Golden Gate Guardians, and his name stood for the span of their territory, much of it his doing. As the Guardians seized block after block, Stretch negotiated every spirit pact that ensured their smooth transition. Today, the pack controls every contiguous park in San Francisco, as well as the Golden Gate Bridge itself, and it is thanks to Stretch’s binding pacts that their territory is so secure even with Winterborn gone.

Hypercompetitive, Stretch eventually realized that being Uratha gave him all the exercise he could ever want, and became a success in the contact sport of urban realty. His company, Willis-Winters Associates, do a subtle but lucrative business in parkside real estate.

Stretch is pro-baller tall, though years of hard fighting have filled out his once-lanky frame. He wears expensive suits, tasteful jewelry, and keeps his hair faded. He has dark chocolate skin, warm amber eyes, and a bright, ingratiating smile. Those who know him know when he’s actually smiling, or just showing his teeth.

(GGG) Tyrel Washington "Stretch" Willis

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