The Right Hand of Death


”This reserves the big dogs’ right not bother with every little pissing match yous pups start up.”


Not much is known about The Right Hand of Death before 1949, when he single-handedly claimed – and held – the cemeteries of Colma. Wolves of all tribes flocked to this powerful lone wolf, though he accepted only his fellow Bone Shadows, and then only those with a healthy respect for the dead.

During the chaos of the Brethren War, Scarpa “convinced” several powerful alphas to submit to his Ritual of the First Men’s Map, reapportioning their territory in time for a massive Pure offensive. The Bay Area survived by the skin of its teeth.

Scarpa was also heavily involved in the rise of the Golden Gate Guardians, and their Ithaeur, Ronny Shinigami, was once Scarpa’s discipline. As one of the “Big Three” San Francisco pack alphas, his rite became a regional tradition, helping newcomers find open territories, and making it clear their problems are their own.

Of medium height but solid as a rock, Scarpa is hugely strong and very old, with blunt-knuckled fists like slabs. His face is lined and creased from ages of scowling, his eyes are gray as gravestones. He speaks in a slightly antiquated New York goombah accent and dresses just the same.

He always carries his heralded fetish, The Light that Lays Bare. Only his pack knows how Scarpa got his deed name, and they will never tell.

Cornell – When Cornell met Scarpa in Colma, he was immediately taken with the old Ithaeur. This was someone he felt he could learn from, and watching him perform his rituals cemented this feeling even further. In stark contrast to the rest of the pack’s standoffishness, Cornell eagerly asked for guidance and looks forward to hearing back from the old wolf and what lessons he might offer.


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