Rachel Brutocao

Queen Bee


The Brutocaos are the most influential vintners in Mendocino. The Mendozas gave the county its name. As the heir to both families, that puts a lot of pressure on young Rachel Brutocao. Thus far, she has risen to the demands of her birth, but people around her think the cracks show more often than they should.

Rachel is the most popular girl at Ukiahi, but that goes without saying. She’s also probably the prettiest. She’s a star track and tennis player, and a straight-A student. The only thing she doesn’t have time for is boys, none of whom are happy about it.

Most of the time, Rachel is upbeat and warm, with a gracious and ingratiating confidence. But there are days on end when she becomes sullen, hyper-focused, and quick to anger. She snaps both at people around her and people only she can see, and spends hours upon hours in her room, refusing to see anyone.

Her parents being who they are, Rachel gets to skip school many of those times—though the times get closer together as she grows older. But her friends worry about her, and her oldest teachers remember worrying the same way about her mother.

Rachel Brutocao

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