Piper Comrie

Call-girl from the right side of the tracks


“PayPal or nothing, honey. I’m not a cash-on-the-dresser kind of girl.”

  • The Comries made their fortune in the lumber business, but Piper’s father Daniel is a civil engineer.
  • Piper was and is a major party girl who likes a very lavish lifestyle; she is one of the only people in town her age who still uses a cell phone
  • Did very well at drama in high school
  • Claims to only work a very, very select clientele, and has been known to disappear for days at a time with various rich boyfriends, seeing as there just aren’t enough rich men in Ukiah to keep her in clover
  • Piper’s divorced father, Daniel Comrie, either does not know or pretends not to know about her gainful employment
  • Aside from KJ, no pimps have made any efforts to recruit her, possibly fearing her father

Piper Comrie

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