(FBP) Pastor Caroline Danforth


It’s not easy to find a Christian denomination that squares easily with the Uratha lifestyle. Dark animism is a hard-enough sell to the meek who inherited the earth, without the whole turning-into-a-giant-lupine thing.

It was Changing into just such a giant lupine that made Caroline Danforth give up the Southern Baptist Church. She had struggled much of her life to get the church to recognize female clergy, but the spiritual dissonance of being Imru was simply too much – not because Jesus couldn’t love a werewolf, but because the Baptist Church was too hidebound to ever accept the truth.

Caroline left her strict Louisiana family and moved to 1960s California, where she and her pack immersed themselves in the counterculture. After that pack was destroyed in a battle, she moved to Fort Bragg and discovered Unitarian Universalism. She became a pastor of this accepting and flexible religion, and has run the First Unitarian Universalist Churge of the Sierras ever since.

Content to minister to her flock by day and patrol the Hisil by night, she had no interest in joining a pack until the Fort Bragg Protectorate promised no greater ambition but to defend their territory and care for its people.

The old alpha’s closest friend, Caroline is now the Protectorate’s most senior member, and a heavyweight among Ithaeur for miles around. She seems surprisingly at-peace with the pack’s aggressive new direction, despite it going against her personal beliefs.

Caroline Danforth plays up the “folksy old black lady” bit, and is legitimately big-hearted and welcoming. However, her stern Southern Baptist upbringing and her Uratha nature simmer just under the surface. Anyone who treats the Pastor as a mammie or a sap lives to regret it. She might not fly into a rage and attack (or you know, she might) but the perpetrator will lose their best chance for mercy and compassion among the Fort Bragg wolves.

(FBP) Pastor Caroline Danforth

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