Paolo Brutocao

Slick vintner


“Ship that cask to the address below for a private function. Give the rest of the reds from ‘08 another year, please. I’ll back by Friday, all goes well.”


People rarely see Paolo Brutocao in Ukiah for more than a few days back-to-back, and that includes his family. The man does business up and down the west coast, and prefers a personal touch, especially now that phones are so expensive. Planes are expensive too nowadays, but Paolo plans to make use of his private jet for as long as he can.

Paolo inherited his business from his father and his business sense from his mother. He is not so much an oenophile as he is a lover of the wine business. He likes the sweet science of knowing which vintages to age, which to sell and where. He can spot a sale a mile away and knows how to get the most out of every bargain.

Paolo is a well-kept, fashionable, and firmly polite man in his early forties. He is a shrewd judge of talent, leaving the people-pleasing and wine-tasting to his father, and the legal bad-cop to his wife. He himself works all business connections, including—locals claim—the family’s long-running contacts within the California mob.


Paolo and Mudd became acquainted at Bitterman’s bar. He comes in occasionally trying to keep a low profile. He seems to show a special interest in Mudd and more specifically in his military background. It’s Mudd’s belief that he has scouted him as a potential resource.

Paolo Brutocao

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