Morris Alesti

Mayor of Ukiah


For the ST’s eyes only


Morris Alesti grew up upper-middle class in Ukiah and never left town, going to community college and becoming a realtor. A very successful realtor, as it happens. He is the very reasonable broker for some of the wealthiest people in town, and barely tolerated landlord of some of the poorest.

They don’t dismiss Morris because he’s a particularly bad landlord but because he is so ingratiating and subservient to the wealthy, including Content Not Found: monique-wilkinson, who helped get him elected Mayor of Ukiah in the last election. He’s been using his connections to buy up fallow fields around Mendocino, though he does not appear interested in planting there.

Morris is a lanky and awkward, but friendly, man with a firm politician’s handshake. He wears slightly ill-fitting suits and sweats copiously in the slightest heat.

Devlin Monroe -Met Mayor Alesti by being dragged along to local political functions by his mother when he was young. Dev sabotaged one of the Mayor’s ice sculptures with an M80 out of pure boredom during one of them, and hasn’t gotten along with him since.

Morris Alesti

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