Madeline Song

Small-town prima ballerina


“If you’re not having fun when you dance, dancing isn’t for you… and also you’re some terrifying Type-A cyborg.”


Madeline was born in Japan, an army brat with a Chinese-American father, though her family eventually returned to her parents’ home in Ukiah and she attended Ukiahi. She was an A-student, track star, and a very gifted dancer plucked right out of high school to attend Joffrey Ballet School in Chicago.

She performed important roles in both the Chicago and San Francisco ballet, and even doubled for Olivia Munn in a movie. But without ever explaining why, Madeline quietly returned home to Ukiah after the second Depression began, and has been teaching the local ballet school ever since.

Madeline is tall for a ballerina (and an Asian one, at that,) but moves with a quiet grace. She has a geeky sense of humor and is a bit shy and retiring, except when she dances. Then she becomes a moving portrait of joy. Madeline does not dance much since she moved back to Ukiah.

Brook We used to date. We didn’t so much break up as get ripped apart due to the situation.

Madeline Song

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