Karen Monroe

Ukiah city councilwoman; Devlin's mom


“By all means, Mr. Mayor, pull the other one. The people of Ukiah don’t pay us for our time or anything.

Notable skills
Academics: (Moderate) – Holds a BA in Journalism
Computer (Weak) – Never really great at it; got worse since the elecronics purge
Investigation (Strong) – An experienced and dogged reporter
Politics (Strong) – A reasonable and pragmatic councilwoman
Brawl (Moderate) – Kickboxes to stay in shape
Drive (Weak) – Can get from point A to point B just fine.
Empathy (Moderate) – Hard-nosed and a bit distant, but still intuitive
Expression (Moderate) – Never a very gifted writer or speaker
Persuasion (Moderate) – Uses facts and logic to make people see sense
Socialize (Weak) – Growing up wealthy taught her basic glad-handing
Streetwise (Moderate) – Knows her way around a slum from years of crime beat reporting
Subterfuge (Weak) – Knows her poor lying skills will make her a weak candidate for high office

Resources (Moderate) – Lives comfortably within her means as an honest councilwoman
Contacts (Very strong) – Knows EVERYBODY in town and many people throughout Mendocino
Allies (Strong) – On good terms with powerful people in the area


Karen Wincott met Ben Monroe while writing a story about outsourcing in California. The hard-nosed reporter from upstate New York old money knew how to face facts: she’d fallen utterly in love. She quit the Times, bought the local newspaper, and settled down with her grease-monkey husband.

They had one son, Devlin, named for Karen’s father, Elijah Devlin-Wincott, and lived together quite happily, though they worried about their restless son. Spurred into action by declining fortunes during the Bush years, Karen was elected the lone Republican on the Ukiah city council.

Though when her son went to war to avenge the terrorist attacks of 2016, and his whole generation once more found themselves fighting everyone but the culprits, Karen became a RINO. When Ben died suddenly, and Devlin returned home shiftless, angry, and disillusioned, Karen officially became an Independent.

Karen is a warm but no-nonsense woman, pragmatic and honest but short-tempered. She is one of the staunchest supporters of the arts and education in town, and is well-liked around Ukiah. She loves her son and her adopted town, but has always felt a certain distance from both.

Walter – Walter was always close to the Monroe family. When Ben passed away suddenly, he helped Karen with the funeral arrangements in the absence of her son. He also handled the probate for Ben’s Will and prevented the state from selling off Monroe Automotive to pay off some unexpected debt he left behind, allowing Ben’s final wish of leaving the garage to his son to become a reality.

Karen Monroe

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