(FBP) Jude "Judge Judie" Cartwright

Hangin' Judge, Elodoth of the Fort Bragg Protectorate


Jude Cartwright has served six years on the County bench in Fort Bragg. He is fair and generous with plaintiffs and defendants alike, until they show him or his court disrespect. One outburst and he will rap his gavel and levy a fine. Any backchat will result in the maximum jail sentence for contempt. And God help the defendant found guilty after that – Judge Cartwright has handed out some long stretches to petty crooks who thought they could mouth off.

People who resent this zero-tolerance policy would be grateful if they knew what it prevents. A veteran werewolf in a public position needs to shield himself against anger.

Cartwright was a founding member of the Fort Bragg Protectorate, and though he personally preferred the old Alpha’s relaxed style, he understood that the changing times required a more pragmatic approach.

Though he does not share all of Graham Keong’s views, Jude uses his shrewd horse sense and judicial experience to pursue the pack’s business interests. He utterly refuses to abuse his bench, but thus far has never been in a position when his alpha’s desires clashed with jurisprudence.

Only other Uratha know the nickname “Judge Judie.” And only his packmates get to use it without throwing down against the battle-tested Elodoth.


(FBP) Jude "Judge Judie" Cartwright

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