(FBP) Joaquin "GI Joe" Hawkes

Militaristic bruiser


Joaquin’s mother was a cleaning lady in the suburbs, lucky enough to marry the son of one of her clients. The family took care of her immigration problems and eventually accepted her, and Joaquin was raised in a loving home.

That didn’t stop him from being a bully. A natural athlete, he won games, fucked (mostly) girls, and picked on the wimpier kids. If one stood up to him, he’d laugh, give them a black eye, and never bother them again.

After high school, he forewent athletic scholarships to join the Marines. His deployment in Iran lasted only four months before Force Recon scooped him up and sent him to North Korea. He Changed in the midst of an apartment-hopping firefight, leaving a whole squad of Spetsnaz dead or mangled. After a six-month deep recon mission, Joaquin took his discharge and went home to Fort Bragg.

He met (FBP) Graham Keong at a Marine Corps mixer, and together they joined and repurposed the Fort Bragg Protectorate. It was Hawkes who beat the old Alpha on Graham’s behalf. As Rahu go, he’s less a tactician than he is just a superb fighter. He can command a squad (or a pack) but doesn’t have much interest in long-term planning. That’s what Graham’s for.

G.I. Joe is a tall, rangy man with close-cropped hair and a Hispanic complexion. His initial friendliness is born entirely out of confidence, as evidenced by the condescension in his brown eyes. Joaquin dresses in jeans and tight t-shirts and leather coats, with his dogtags under his shirt and his Silver Star (a homemade “Medal of Irony” fetish) over it. His wolf form is just as tall and powerful, muddy brown with creamy spots on his muzzle and chest.

(FBP) Joaquin "GI Joe" Hawkes

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