(FBP) Jamie "the Hound" Baskerville

Unerring investigator


“The California 1 Mysteries” are considered some of the more intelligent whodunits in recent years, garnering several awards for its author, one J. Baskerville. They were always too cerebral for best-seller-list pap, but Baskerville was making a decent living before the Recession hit and digital publishing went belly-up.

Which was just about the same time that Jamie Baskerville Changed, tearing her Fort Bragg apartment apart when she couldn’t make rent. The local pack quickly snatched her up, and offered her a place among the Iron Masters, but Jamie became a Storm Lord.

Driven and focused, she fit far more with the “visionary of things to come” school of Cahalithing than the “recorder of things past” school. The poverty and ruin made Jamie burst out of her skin as a monster, so she hopes to spare others the same panic and frustration. Only recently has she become satisfied with her pack’s direction, urging them toward suitably ambitious goals with such single-minded tenacity they call her “Hound.”

Jamie is a tall, striking woman with dirty-blonde hair and green eyes. A handful of freckles are sprinkled across her wind-swept cheeks. Her fashion sense is something like “fashionable hiker,” though she prefers to wear tank tops and yoga pants where ready to shift. Her wolf form is likewise almost-brown, with lightning-flashes of blonde across her muzzle.

Everyone, from her packmates, to her wolf-blooded boyfriend Gorvan Singh, treat Jamie like living lightning: Passionate, shocking, and quick to strike at tempting targets.


(FBP) Jamie "the Hound" Baskerville

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