(FBP) Graham Keong

Hardcase upstart. Alpha of the Fort Bragg Protectorate


Graham is a ferocious, ambitious, no-nonsense werewolf. Hard-bitten and hard-nosed, he believes in two things: Military values and what he can see with his own eyes. And he sees that America has grown weak, soft, and corrupt. Well, not in his hometown!

Graham took a laid-back, progressive pack, and forged it into an elite and organized fighting force that has infiltrated all levels of Fort Bragg’s government. He spends his days sitting in on the Fort Bragg city council, and his nights hunting criminals in the city. Suffice to say, those nights are now fairly uneventful.

A fireplug of a 5’3” Korean ex-Marine, Keong is quick to anger but slow to show it. He bitterly resents having to tiptoe around the Alpha-less Golden Gate Guardians, and doesn’t care what their mythical Alpha once did to some spirit or Pure or whatever. He will run his territory as he likes, San Francisco hippies be damned.

Graham is smart enough to know his limits: He is very strict about letting his packmates do what they’re good at. He does not truck with spirits or negotiate with other packs. He does not lead in battle, or try to inspire his packmates.

What he does do is plan devious, long-term strategies. Graham thinks and fights like a mongoose: Fearless, relentless, and ruthless, regardless of how big or poisonous the enemy.

(FBP) Graham Keong

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