Dax St. Jaques

Local pot dealer


“Tell you where I got this stuff? And sabotage my thriving career as a middleman?”


Dax St. Jaques (pronounced “Saint Jax,”) was always into hip-hop, and is something of an amateur rapper, which complements his profession as a full-time pot dealer. The son of working-middle-class parents, Dax dropped out of Ukiahi in his junior year, and started dealing pot for growers in Humboldt.

Shortly thereafter, he knocked up and married (in that order) a pretty local cheerleader named Candy McGill, Though pregnancy ruined her figure, Dax has come to appreciate his fun-loving wife, and adores his baby son, Miles. That does not stop him from stepping out with his cuter customers, but he still tries to provide.

For all his underachieving, Dax is a good salesman and networker, with customers throughout the valley and good relationships with his providers. He dresses something like a slick club promoter, in crisp jeans and leather coats, with tasteful jewelry. He frequents the local rap club and spends much of his ill-got income to keep his Prius fueled. He’s thinking of switching to a scooter, but that would just be embarrassing.

Devlin Monroe – Met Dax in high school, and became his middle man to connect him to otherwise inaccessible circles.

Dax St. Jaques

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