Cesaré Brutocao

Affable paterfamilias


“You look like a man willing to talk this out over a fine deep red from my cellar.”

Likely skills
Politics, Science (Agriculture), Persuasion, Socialize

Likely assets
Nominal command of his family’s fortune, respect and warm regards all throughout the wine country, allies among the upper crust


Cesaré is a hale ninety-nine years old, the twice-elected mayor of Ukiah and elder statesman of the Brutocao vineyard. More popular with rich and poor alike than his cold, jet-setting son, Cesaré inherited the family business when his elder brother Vincenzo died in a motorcycle accident, and led the vineyard to critical and financial greatness through the middle and end of the last century.

Cesaré Brutocao remains active in local politics and charity. His clothes and bearing are just old-fashioned enough to seem quaint, and his eyes sparkle with mirth. He can be seen proudly driving around town in his vintage Rolls Royce sedan, attending golf tournaments, and relentlessly spoiling his beloved grandchildren.

Cesaré Brutocao

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