Ben Monroe

Grease-monkey; Devlin's father (Deceased)


“Without a sense of place, we are all of us lost.”


In another age, Benjamin Monroe would have been considered a hippy. While he didn’t necessarily believe in peace, love, and happiness for all mankind; he did feel a tangible connection to the world. A sense that Mother Earth was a living, animate life force, whose pulse you could only feel when you were doing what you were supposed to be doing. For Ben, that something was traveling. Hailing from from Ukiah, Ben joined the army at a young age, where he fostered his passion for mechanics by joining the corps of engineers and mostly avoiding direct combat. However, after finishing his tour, Ben was struck with a restless spirit and a bout of wanderlust which lasted for years. After being unable to find another place in the world here his blood sat still, and his mind focused; a place with the exact chemistry he’d always wanted, he returned to home to Ukiah.

Ben built his garage, Monroe Automotive, from the ground up with his own two hands, and much to his delight it became a town fixture; the de facto one-stop-auto-shop for the whole town. Not too long after that, Karen walked into his life and gave it the meaning he’d always been searching for. His days of wandering, and long, aimless country rides were over. Instead, he passed on his love for the open road, and all things automobile (especially motorcycles) to his son.

As Devlin got older, Ben could see in his son the same aimless dissatisfaction which he knew all too well. He tried his best to soothe his son’s unrest by giving him projects to work on, teaching some basic techniques at the garage, and of course, “testing” newly repaired bikes on the open country roads (which could last for hours.) Yet try as he might, he could not stop the inevitable. So when Dev decided to head off to war, Ben sighed wistfully and clapped his son on the back, saying:

“Brains before bullets, son. Brains before bullets.”

That was the last Devlin ever saw of him.


Ben Monroe

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