Dr. Alison Bell

Dr. Good'n'sexy


“Just because the patient assumed I was a stripper-gram doesn’t mean I have any idea how that laxative got in his drip.”

Everyone at Evanescent Hospital agrees that Dr. Alison Bell is a gift. Warm and sarcastic, with a no-nonsense bedside manner, she is also a smart and pragmatic physician who puts patients first without ignoring hospital politics.

Now if only her patients would stop staring.

Alison Bell is 5’10", much of it legs, with an athletic frame and enhanced bust. She has a longish face, full lips, and huge, expressive brown eyes. She’s marked her California sun-kissed skin with a several tattoos, including a neck to-elbow sleeve on her left arm, and she wears a half dozen earrings and a nose stud. Her hair sports one baby blue and one pink stripe. She is not just beautiful, but looks like being beautiful was once her job .

Which is not too far off. UCLA is expensive for white-trash kids from Yorba Linda, and so through undergrad and med school, Alison Bell spent her weekends as Billie Bella, one of the hottest young actresses for Brohams Studios.

While some girls get into porn to pay for college, then leave school for the life, Alison hung up her pumps the day she began her residency. Too famous to completely escape her old life, she did manage to distinguish herself enough as a doctor to be left alone.

Dr. Bell does not much like to talk about why she left LA for Ukiah, but people tend to whisper about the connections between her old life and her passion for drug detox therapy. She ignores the whispers, and tends to her patients. She tends to dress down in boot-cut jeans and button-down shirts, with country-western-hippy accents.

Dr. Alison Bell

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