Aaron Rodgers

Sheriff of Mendocino County


“Football and the law have a lot in common. You don’t build a winning team overnight, for one thing.”


The ultimate local-boy-made-good, Aaron Rodgers left Ukiah and spent ten years (seven starting) as quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, leading the team to two Superbowls, one of these a win, and being crowned Superbowl MVP. Until just recently, Rodgers held the record for all-time career passer rating.

Sadly, Aaron lost most of his football millions in the Second Depression, shortly after retiring. Turning his back on the ill-fitting life of a celebrity, he ran for, and was elected sheriff of Ukiah, using his remaining money to give his hometown one of the most modern law enforcement agencies in Northen California.

This technology is of little use after the Purge, but Rodgers uses what he has to great effect. He is a smart, just, reasonable sheriff with little tolerance for braggarts and none for bullies.

Rodgers is tall and stays in shape, though he’s always been a tiny bit soft around the middle, and isn’t any less so in his 40s. As in his NFL days, he constantly changes his facial hair, rocking a Hulk Hogan or a Lemmy one day, then going clean-shaven the next.

Cornell – After rolling in to Ukiah, Cornell had the good “fortune” to be pulled over by Sheriff Rodgers for a routine traffic stop. Speeding or some such nonsense. Cornell took notice of the rather swanky cop car that Rodgers was driving and struck up a conversation. Sheriff Rodgers offered a deal: Cornell got out of an expensive ticket if he would work on the Sheriff’s fleet as needed. While not happy with being pulled over in the first place, Cornell finds this a fair deal as it would allow him to get his hands on some high-end auto tech to tinker with and learn from while at the same time keeping the cops out of his fur.

Aaron Rodgers

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