Werewolves - Forsaken

The Oath of the Moon

The wolf must hunt Urum da takus
The People do not murder the People Imru nu fir Imru
The low honor the high; The high respect the low Sih sehe mak; Mak ne sih
Respect your prey Ni daha
The Uratha shall cleave to the human Uratha safal thil lu’u
Do not eat the flesh of man or wolf Nu hu uzu eren
The herd must not know Nu bath githul

Local Forsaken
Harooooooo the Werewolves of Cali

Since Scarpa’s peacemaking gambit during the Brethren War, the Forsaken of the Bay Area have been more prosperous than many of their peers around the world. While outnumbered by the local Pure, the Tribes of the Moon sport several healthy packs of veteran and elder experience, and a willingness to work together not often found among Uratha.

This is due partly to the rise and reign of the Golden Gate Guardians as the premiere pack of San Francisco. However, the events surrounding the disappearance of Elias Winterborn have cast doubt over the pecking order in Northern California.

In general, the San Francisco packs are regarded as the most powerful, if not for their actual might but for their political clout. They remain on very strong terms with one another, to the point that Winterborn once spoke for all of them at Conclave.

Plenty of packs run in the suburbs and wilds around San Francisco, but only the defiant werewolves of San Jose claim absolutely no influence from San Francisco.

Here is a roll-call of werewolves and packs you’ve encountered thus far, and rumors and basic information about some you haven’t:

Uratha of Mendocino

Fort Bragg Protectorate
Primarily Iron Masters, Fort Bragg

Totem: White-Tailed Kite

The Fort Bragg Protectorate is unusual for a pack of Uratha in that they have been around for several decades now. But that’s really the only way they’re unusual, as in every other way, they’ve mostly been a run-of-the-mill Iron Masters pack, if such a thing can be said to exist.

They took an even hand with local spirits, destroying the worst and encouraging the best. They kept the Pure at bay. The Protectorate sided staunchly with the Golden Gate Guardians during the upheavals of the early 2000’s, and remain in good standing with the San Francisco packs.

This despite the fact that the Protectorate has changed of late.

Shortly after the Second Depression began, the werewolves of the FBP sequestered themselves inside Fort Bragg as the town began to build its wall and seawall. Since then, they have been a more vocal presence in local Uratha politics, and have gone from an unremarkable pack to the most prominent werewolves in Mendocino.

Graham Keong
Iron Master Irraka, Alpha

Jude “Judge Judy” Cartwright
Iron Master Elodoth

Pastor Caroline Danforth
Iron Master Ithaeur

Joaquin “GI Joe” Hawkes
Iron Master Rahu

Jamie “the Hound” Baskerville
Storm Lord Cahalith

Linavaja Arcata
Blood Talons, formerly of Humboldt

Totem: Crushing Jaws Mountain Lion

El Linaje Navaja (“The Switchblade Lineage” en Espanol), is an uncommonly vicious gang rapidly spreading through South and Central America. Shortened to Linavaja, these brutal gangsters have only recently made their way to the US, bringing with them a new and altogether more dangerous sort of Latino crime.

That the gang is a front for a ruthless Blood Talon lodge is well-known to most Uratha. The Werewolves, who dominate the gang’s chain of command, instill in their underlings their regard for survival of the fittest. Common cholos run from Linavaja families, quickly ceding turf to the face-tattooed savages as soon as a loved one comes home in dozens of doggie bags.

The most northerly branch of the gang was a small contingent that wrested control of the Humboldt pot farms in Arcata from the Mexican Cartels a few years ago. Concerned mostly with keeping the drugs flowing, they kept their heads down and their territory quiet until just last year, when Humboldt County suffered sweeping forest fires that can now safely be blamed on the Pure.

Without a territory of their own, the ferocious werewolves of Linavaja Arcata have singled our the Sons of Thunder, seeking to claim Ukiah as their new protectorate and there make a stand against the Pure.

Big Sleepy
Blood Talon Rahu, Alpha

  • Hulking veteran gangmember
  • Prefers to soften enemies up with human gangsters
  • Daring in combat
  • Currently laid-up after a fight with Luc Guevin

Blood Talon Cahalith

  • Rumored to be a founding member of the whole lodge
  • Older, ex-military sniper

Blood Talon Ithaeur

  • Abuelo’s granddaughter
  • Bullying, dismissive approach to spirits

Lil Snoop
Blood Talon Irraka

  • Big Sleepy’s younger cousin
  • Laid-back, relaxed, and very sneaky
  • Expert in planning ambushes; never shows himself until necessary

Uratha of San Francisco

The Golden Gate Guardians
Mixed, San Francisco parkland

Totem: Golden Eyed Jorst, Spirit of Golden Gate Park

Also called the Triple-G’s and 3G’s, the Golden Gate Guardians are a motley (multi-Tribe) pack that controls Golden Gate Park, Lincoln Park, the Presidio, all the city connecting them, and the Golden Gate Bridge itself.

They rose to power in the very early aughts, and presided over a minor war with the Pure and a major reshuffle of the complacent and corrupt San Francisco spirit courts. Their influence has waned slightly since their Alpha disappeared, but anyone who tries crossing the Guardians is in for a nasty case of “What did you think would happen?”

Elias Winterborn
Storm Lord Rahu, Alpha

  • A legendary werewolf, known for being ruthless in battle but generous in victory
  • Always carried through on a threat or promise
  • Has been missing since 2013

Tyrel Washington “Stretch” Willis
Iron Lord Elodoth, standing Alpha

Ronny Shinigami
Bone Shadow Ithaeur

  • Disciple of Scarpa before he joined the Triple-Gs by saving Elias’s life
  • Spiritual prodigy
  • Has not appeared in public since Elias disappeared, though he still attends Conclaves

Hunter in Darkness Cahalith

  • Name means nightingale
  • Local folk singer
  • Very clever long-term tactician

Smoking Mirror’s Daughter
Blood Talon Irraka

  • A vicious hunter
  • Especially adept at killing other supernaturals; local vampires go in terror of her
Fingers of the Hand
Blood Talons, Colma cemeteries

Totem: Last Wolf’s Shadow – The last wolf that died in California in 1924

These five Bone Shadows control all the cemeteries of Colma, which is quite a bit of spiritually potent real estate. At first, Scarpa claimed the territory alone, until tales of his prowess brought wolves from far and wide to petition him to join a pack. He accepted four Bone Shadows.

Three of these original Fingers have died and been replaced. Scarpa is as stolid and stoic as ever, the elder Uratha mystic of all northern California. While some elder packs, like the Golden Gate Guardians, are composed entirely of mighty werewolves, the power gradient between Scarpa himself and his four packmates (especially the three newbies) is more dramatic.

Bone Shadow Ithaeur

Bill Sykes
Bone Shadow Irraka

Bone Shadow Rahu

  • A deformed hunchback of monstrous strength
  • Dresses in Victorian finery, with an opera cape and stovepipe-hat
  • Wields a sharpened Fetish shovel
  • Abrasive personality, known to revel in his grotesque appearance

The Twins (called Right and Left)
Bone Shadow Elodoth (Right) and Cahalith (Left)

  • Beautiful, androgynous albino twins
  • Both deadly and ruthless combatants, probably the cruelest members of their pack
  • Rumored to be related to Scarpa by blood

Uratha of the North Bay

Rossiyan Rus
Storm Lords, Fort Ross

Totem: Starik Vidri or Old Man Otterskin, the spirit of Fort Ross itself

Established in 1812 by Russian fur traders, Fort Ross was the southernmost point of the Russian presence in North America. Today, it is a lovely tourist spot on the coast, a historic landmark, and a locus guarded by one the longest-running Uratha packs in California.

Olya Kitovi-Uss, called Whalebone Olga, was the wife of a trapper in the Russian-American Company, and an ambitious Storm Lord. The pack she founded was not always 100% Russian, and has included the occasional French or Pomo trapper, but was always 100% Storm Lord.

A mercantile group since its inception, Rossiyan Rus—the Russians from Ross—aggressively pursues and enforces spirit bargains all along their stretch of coast. Each packmate keeps strong ties to local business, legal or otherwise. The current alpha puts an unusual emphasis on the otherwise, but in this time of brittle laws, who’s to say that’s a bad call?

Mona Sax
Mila kunis
Storm Lord Cahalith, Alpha

  • The youngest member; Finding out her father was a Bratva captain caused her to change
  • Nerd and gamer. Took her name from, and models herself after her favorite character in Max Payne.
  • Took advantage of a sudden vacant captaincy to establish strong ties with the Russian mob
  • Outwardly bubbly, more American than Russian, won her place through charm and vision
  • Yeah, okay, I pretty much just wanted Mila Kunis in the game. She can draw a beer without any foam. What?

Ivan Borisovich “Papa” Sabakov
Storm Lord Ithaeur

  • A hulking, bearded, hairy Boisterous Bruiser of a Husky Russkie
  • Eldest and most powerful member of his pack
  • Sent to a prison camp in the 70s. Promptly turned into a wolf and escaped
  • Runs a small chain of Russian delis and two restaurants
  • Still a devoted communist, who pays his workers a fair wage with benefits
  • Big-hearted, jolly, full of folksy wisdom, and a 10’-by-10’ horror in Gauru

Kindjal Larisa
Storm Lord Rahu

  • Kindjal is Russian for dagger, and Larisa is an absolutely devastating knife-fighter
  • In and out of brutal Russian women’s prisons since she was 11
  • Punk rocker, Muay Thai enthusiast, rider of Harley Davidsons
  • Tall and lithe, covered in piercings and punk (not Mafiya) tattoos

Sergei Grozni
Storm Lord Irraka

  • A computer hacker and programmer. Was Mona’s boyfriend before she changed too.
  • Worked computer security before the Depression, now keeps only a select, word-of-mouth clientele
  • Amateur boxer and smartaleck
  • One of the first Bay Area software developers to outsource his gruntwork to Russia

Storm Lord Elodoth, Omega

  • A Peruvian immigrant; was at USF for finance when she Changed
  • Shrewd with money but not yet much of a fighter
  • Only Papa called her by her real name, but he stopped when she ask him to
  • Practiced at being subservient and unassuming, but is clearly a clever adviser

Werewolves - Forsaken

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