Below you will find resources to both inspire and educate you about Werewolf: the Forsaken and this campaign in particular.

You know what the white man owes us?

Abrar Ajmal – The Ron Spencer of Forsaken
Japarisi’s Photobucket – Whoever Japarisi is, they sure do like werewolves
Ron Spencer – The iconic Werewolf: the Apocalypse artist

The talisman
Hell’s Angels: The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs – Thompson’s image of outlaws is as grim as it can be without ACTUALLY having werewolves
Cycle of the Werewolf by Stephen King – The classic modern werewolf story. Humans huddle for protection against an evil and implacable hidden predator.
The Talisman also by King – A sweet—if dimwitted— werewolf named Wolf protects the hero, and is a holy terror when roused or when the moon is full.

Imgreservoir dogs3
13 Assassins – A bunch of honor-bound warriors and a wacky trickster who may or may not be a Tanuki? Nope. Not ringing any bells.
The Born Losers and Billy Jack – The bikers in the first movie are an excellent example of a Pure Tribe. The protagonist of both movies would make a damn fine werewolf.
Dog Soldiers – Pound-for-pound the best werewolf movie ever made. Check out the use of pack tactics.
Ginger Snaps – Fuck Teen Wolf. This is what it’s really like to be a teenaged werewolf.
The Gray – A wonderful survival thriller pitting a pack of men against a pack of wolves, and showing how much each has in common.
The Howling – Some great scares and surreal images. Depicts Werewolves as a hidden society, and has one of the scariest monster-reveal moments in film.
Reservoir Dogs – The best example of the sort of gritty crime drama I’m talking about. And look what happens when they can’t trust each other.
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original) – This is the kind of evil Werewolves are made to fight. Horrid, brutual, sadistic savagery and degeneracy. Check out the malaise and death that covers Texas in this movie. And get mad.
The Warriors – Come out to play-ee-yay! Each gang would make a fun Uratha pack. Streets of Fire by the same director is also very fitting.
The Wild One – The original biker movie! “What’re you rebelling against, Johnny?” “What’ve you got?”
Wolf – The Change fills a weak man with a sense of power and certainty. Way underrated in terms of showing how a werewolf might experience the urban world.
The Wolf-Man – The classic is worth seeing for sure, but the Benecio del Toro version does a great job showing off the physical power and ferocity of a werewolf.


Of wolfand man

AC/DC – The hard stuff is all awesome, but check out “Ride On.”
Buddy Guy – The revolutionary bluesman who inspired Hendrix. Grit and dirt and badassery.
Metallica – The self-titled “black-album” is a divisive record, but it’s the kings of epic metal at their most lyrical. And it gave us the song that pretty much inspired the original Werewolf: the Apocalypse. And that’s not even touching on the rest of their catalog.
Motorhead – Pretty much anything. I recommend “Stone Deaf Forever,” “Born to Raise Hell,” and of course, “Ace of Spades.”
Steppenwolf – “Born to be Wild," of course, but this is all great music about drugs, bikers, and freedom

The Horses
The Tyger
Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night
Lone Dog

So a

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Any episode with Oz is a great if you like watching Uratha struggle with their Pure cousins.
Gargoyles – Aside from the stone-by-day, wings, gargoyle, this is a very noble pack of Uratha with New York as their territory.
The Shield – By the creator of Sons of Anarchy. The most effective cops on the force are practically criminals themselves. Lots of good moments that test pack loyalty.
Sons of Anarchy – Where this campaign draws much of its inspiration; an MC struggles to keep their club’s integrity and their small-town home intact even as they’re drawn deeper into the underworld. Awesome TV.

Silent hill
Altered Beast – The original werewolf protagonist
Bloody Roar, Darkstalkers, and Killer Instinct – All feature a werewolf fighters for combat inspiration. One even has metal arms. Because awesome.
Full Throttle – A point-and-click adventure about a badass biker
Grand Theft Auto IV: The Devil’s Own – A fun and accurate depiction of outlaw MCs
Hunter the Reckoning: Redeemer – A cheat code allows you to unlock two playable Werewolves. Their moveset is limited and they can’t pick up items, but boy howdy do they kick ass on an Uratha-apporpriate scale.
Silent Hill – Any game in the series shows stepping sideways into the Hisil… and into a Blight.
Splatterhouse – This level of violence is a good place to start

Outlaw Motorcycle clubs
Werewolves: the Myths and Truths


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