Renown awards

Here you will find a log of Renown-worthy feats performed by every member of the pack.

Cornell “Buster” Wilde

Episode Award Deed
1 Wisdom Prioritized and led his pack’s search for a worthy totem
6 Cunning Escaped the Scorched Penitent to save Thunderbird’s Last Echo

Delia Song

Episode Award Deed
2-3 Cunning Ambushed and killed several Persecutors without being seen
2-6 Wisdom Saved El Cuzco from a Bane-driven lynch mob

Devlin Monroe

Episode Award Deed
1 Honor Forged five Uratha from different tribes and a Kitsune into a pack with order and structure
1 Glory Refused to back down from Scarpa

James Brook

Episode Award Deed
2 Glory Stared down two vengeance spirits in an unknown spiritscape
6 Cunning Tricked the Ghost Dancers protesting the casino into backing down

Joseph Christensen, aka “Mudd”

Episode Award Deed
3 Cunning Used “Shape Earth” to upend the drive-by truck
1 Glory Intimidated a Frutto de Vite when the Elodoth and Rahu could not

Luc Guevin

Episode Award Deed
3 Glory Fought a more experienced Rahu to a standstill after being ambushed twice and knocked off your bike
5 Wisdom Brought chiminage for World’s Largest

Renown awards

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