What’s leisure time without homework?

To help folks earn extra XP and to flesh out the people, places, and story of The End of Everything, I will be assigning projects to the group and/or individuals after every game.

Unless stated otherwise, projects are due two weeks after being first assigned. Even the longest projects should take no more than one hour to complete.

Every project is worth 1 XP. Late projects are worth .5 XP.

Forsaken projects

Project Description Who Due XP
Adventure log Describe our last session Brook 04/21/13 1
Playing Catchup Complete all outstanding projects All 04/21/13 1
Oath of the Moon Recite the Oath All 4/07/13! 2!
Weres on Wheels Upload an image of your ride All 03/24/13 1
Oath and Auspice Describe your stance on Werewolfing All 03/10/13 1
A quest called tribes Read Tribes in RAGE/Spirits in WtF All 02/24/13 1
Bridges and badges 2 NPC connections + rank insignia All 01/13/12 1
Flesh and bone Bio and portrait on OP All 12/16/12 1
What have we learned? What you learned, 1st time All 12/03/12 1
Character creation Fill out your stats on OP All 12/03/12 1

Playing Catchup
Due: Sunday, 4/21/13
Who: All
Instructions: Catch up on all outstanding projects, as listed in the latest Werewolf Digest. Everything listed is now available for full XP, and if you finish everything, you’ll get the XP from this project!

The Oath of the Moon
Due: Sunday, 4/07/13
Who: All
Instructions: The time has come to swear the Oath of the Moon before Thunderbird’s Last Echo, and officially become a pack. Here are your three options for doing so:

  1. Memorize the English version, and recite it without reading or cues – Mistakes are allowed, but you must basically get it right and not leave anything out.
  2. Read aloud the First Tongue version
  3. WORTH 2 XP! Memorize and recite the Oath in First Tongue. If you go this route, you may be reminded if you forget a line.

Weres on Wheels
Due: Sunday, 3/17/13
Who: All
Instructions: This one’s very simple. Find an image of your character’s ride and upload it to your character page, anywhere in the bio text. Any image you like is great, so long as it represents what your character rides around on. Try to pick something the suits your character. Here is an example
Walter: Same deal as the wolves, except we all know what you’re drivin’! Show us the Fit. :-D

Oath and Auspice
Due: Sunday, 03/10/13
Who: All
Instructions: Having read your Tribe’s section in The Rage: Forsaken Player’s Guide, describe your character’s view on the following somewhere on your character writeup. This can be as long or as short as you like, so long as you get your point across.

  • Tribal Oath – No Uratha chooses a tribe whose oath he does not want to fulfill. How does your character approach upholding his Tribal Oath? For example, how does James honor his territory in all things?
  • Auspice – In what way is your character a good example of his Auspice, as interpreted by his Tribe? For example, what makes Luc a good Blood Talon Rahu, and not just a good Rahu?

Walter! Siten Uzu are the result of a Fox spirit seeking asylum in a willing human host, subsuming its will to the human’s and granting him its power. Answer the following questions:

  • What drove the spirit take such a drastic step?
  • Why did it choose Walter as its host?
  • Why did Walter accept the bargain?

A Quest Called Tribes
Due: Sunday, 02/24/12
Who: All
Instructions: Read your Tribe’s chapter in “Rage: the Forsaken Player’s Guide”
It’s real simple, folks! I’ve emailed you all a PDF copy of “Rage: the Forsaken Player’s Guide.” Just download that and read the entry for your tribe in the first chapter. Please pay special attention to your tribe’s approach to your Auspice, and to your two Primary Renowns.
Julia! Since you have no tribe, please read Appendix I: The Spirit World (WtF 250-285). This will pretty much be required reading for everyone at some point, but since you’re playing a spirit-ridden, you’re the only one who’s gonna get XP for it.

Bridges and badges
Due: Sunday, 01/06/12
Who: All
Instructions: Create interpersonal connections with 2 NPCs plus put up your rank insignia
Part 1

  1. Open the Characters tab
  2. Select any NPC and click “Edit”
  3. In the Biography (Fluff) box, hit ENTER twice after the last line of biography, then type “[three dashes]” at the start of the fresh line to create a page break, then hit ENTER twice again.
  4. Type in your character’s name in bold (surrounded by “*”)
  5. Beside your character’s name, describe your character’s connection to this NPC in one sentence at least
    1. How do you know the NPC? Any relationship, even a meaningful chance encounter is fine
    2. How does your character feel about this NPC, if only from hearsay?
  6. No NPC may have be connected to more than 2 PCs at this time. If the NPC you want is taken by 2 PCs, please find another.
  7. If your relationship to this character is a secret, feel free to email it to me, and I will add it to the GM secrets entry
    Part 2
  8. Open the Characters tab
  9. Select your PC and click “Edit”
  10. Clear two lines at the top of your Description (Crunch) box, and when your cursor is on the first line, click the Pictures button, very last button on the right above the text editor.
  11. Scroll through the pictures until you find your rank patch.
  12. Click the white-on-black downward arrow on the far right of your patch file, and make sure the image’s alignment is set to “Left”
  13. Click “Insert”
  14. Preview your work and make sure the patch is in the right place
  15. Save your work
    Note: Since Walter does not have an official club rank, I’m letting Julia create a business card for Walter’s law practice to post in this space.

Flesh and bone
Due: Sunday, 12/16/12
Who: All
Instructions: Fill out your character bio and upload a portrait

  1. Find your PC under the “Character” tab.
  2. Click the “Edit” button beside your name
  3. Fill out “Biography (Fluff)” – This can be as long or short as you like, written however you like. Bullet points, prose, epic verse, whatever. Only enter information your character would willingly share with the rest of the groupe.
    1. For bonus points, click the “Pictures” button while editing, and scroll down till you find the image of your Officer Patch, and add that image to the top of your bio.
  4. Click “Save,” then “Continue Editing” in the green bar once the page reloads.
  5. Scroll down to “Update Image” and click “Choose file”
  6. Once selected, click “Upload”
  7. Your portrait can be either a photograph or an illustration. Any form is acceptable.
    Please note: Saving your text and uploading your image should each be done in a discrete editing pass. Clicking “upload” publishes the page with the picture and not any unsaved text, while clicking “Save” publishes the text without any picture. As always, do your typing in Google docs so you have a saved copy in case you lose your work.

Character creation
Due: Sunday, 12/2/12
Who: All
Instructions: Enter your character in Obsidian Portal

  1. Click the “Characters” tab above, then “Create New Character”
  2. Under name, add your character’s real, full name, including name or nickname in quotes as in “Stone Cold” Steve Austin or Evander “the Real Deal” Holyfield
  3. Under Slug/Wiki link, put only the name you want to go by, so “StoneCold” or “TheRealDeal”
  4. Click the box to confirm this is a player character
  5. Quick description can be no more than one sentence long.
  6. Under Description (Crunch), enter everything that appears on your character sheet.
  7. Do not fill out Biography (Fluff) or upload any images yet. You can do so early, but those are projects for another day, and you will not receive credit until they are due.
  8. Tags should read, Werewolf Forsaken [My character’s name] [Tribe] [Auspice]
  9. Click “Create”

What have we learned?
Due: Sunday, 12/2/12
Who: All
Instructions: As per the House Rules, to earn full XP for a session you must describe how your character has grown or what they have learned since the last time we met.

  1. Go to our Facebook group
  2. Post one or two sentences about how your character has learned or evolved in the course of the last game
  3. Profit

Adventure log
Due: Always due the day of the next game. Repeats after every game.
Who: Rotates between players alphabetically by character name.
Cornell (due 12/02/12)/Devlin/James/Luc/Mudd/Walter
Instructions: The active player’s project is to post an Adventure Log on Obsidian Portal.

  1. Click the “Adventure Log” tab above, then “Create New Post”
  2. Enter the title listed under your Facebook event invite (ex., the first session was called “Prelude: Blood on the Breath.”
  3. Leave Wiki Page Name alone; it will default to the title
  4. Enter the date completed as your Tagline
  5. Describe the events of the previous game any way you like: In-character journal entry, bullet points, a paragraph, a haiku. I do not care. Just get the major events and important details down so players have something to reference. It can be silly, but it must be useful as as a record of your adventures. Don’t worry about editing or getting fancy with wiki cross-referencing, though you can if you like.
  6. Set the date and time of your entry
  7. Click “Create”


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