Neighboring Settlements

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Fort Bragg

Pop 7,200
Founded over a pre-Civil War fort, this little town at the Noyo River delta has become something of a fort again. A brick wall surrounds the town, and a sea-wall is half-completed. Logging and farming are all controlled by a new interest called the Bragg Company, formed by returning veterans.

  • Western terminus of the Skunk Rail
  • Glass Beach nearby – Glass is protected by people of Fort
  • Noyo Harbor – Harbor in Fort Ross
  • Russian Gulch – A small coastal park, once inhabited by a deserter from Fort Ross. Once a state park, now abandoned and overgrown
  • MacKerricher State Park – A beach with whale-watching headland
  • North Coast Brewing Company – Microbrewery and pub in Fort Bragg proper

Pop 900
This beautiful little coastal town has long been popular as an artist colony. Despite being on the west coast, Mendocino resembles a New England town, of late, the creepy sort of Maine town that would inspire HP Lovecraft or Stephen King.

  • Used frequently by filmmakers, most notably as the stand-in for Cabot Cove, Maine on Murder, She Wrote
  • Notable for its still-functioning wooden water towers
  • Hosts the Mendocino Film Festival
  • Sister City of Miasa, Japan. Students from each high school visit the other alternating years
  • Temple of Kwai Tai – Colorful little building serves as a Chinese Taoist Shrine.
Point Arena

Pop 449
One of the smallest incorporated towns in California, Point Arena has always been something of a haven for the counterculture. Neo-Hippies still thrive here, though they are under heavy pressure from nearby Fort Bragg.

  • Point Arena Lighthouse
  • Students cross-enroll across three specialized high-schools, including some from Ukiah
  • Two major wildlife preserves – Point Arena State Marine Preserve and Sea Lion Cove
  • Pacific giant salamanders are common to the area
  • Point Arena Mountain Beaver population endangered as fur become popular again

Pop 5,000
The “Gateway to the Redwoods” stands at the cusp of the evergreen forests, their entry marked by an arch donated by the city of Reno. Much of the local logging trade has moved from Ukiah to Willits, creating friction between the two cities.

  • Eastern terminus of the Skunk Rail
  • Annually hosts the Frontier Days & Rodeo
  • Former home of the racehorse Seabiscuit
  • Hosts the Roots of Power Locomotive Museum
  • Litigator Erin Brockavich has been involved in a class action lawsuit by the people of Willits against the Remco Hydraulics Chrome Plating Plant for Hexavalent Chromium poisoning
  • Stagecoach bandit Charles Bolles, Black Bart himself, robbed stagecoaches in the area
  • Nearby Wente Boy Scount Reservation once released water from its private lake during a drought
  • Noted as the origin of many fine musicians

Neighboring Settlements

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