The World of Darkness on the Edge of Everything is a more terrifying and dangerous place than ever before. Perhaps this is the twilight of mortal humans on earth? If so, these folk are mostly none the wiser.

Mortals of Mendocino County

Morris Alesti – Mayor of Ukiah
Karen Monroe – Ukiah city councilwoman; Devlin’s mother
Aaron Rodgers – Sheriff of Mendocino County

Wealthy and powerful
CesarĂ© Brutocao – Affable paterfamilias
Larisa Brutocao-Mendoza – Haughty matriarch
Paolo Brutocao – Slick vintner
Monique Wilkinson – Regional director, Mendocino Pacific Gas & Electric

Dax St. Jaques – Local pot dealer

Greg Bitterman – Crusty old bartender
Ben Monroe – Grease monkey; Devlin’s father (deceased)
Madeline Song – Small-town prima ballerina


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