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Rage across… Ukiah?


Our campaign will be set in Ukiah, California, a lovely little town of 14,000 nestled between the coastal ranges about two hours north of San Francisco. Voted sixth best place to live in all the United States, Ukiah has barely managed to hold onto a sliver of its prosperity as the country races toward dissolution.

But a sliver isn’t much to hang onto, and change is coming whether this sleepy little wine town has shit to say. On THE EDGE OF EVERYTHING, every settlement needs guardians. Will you protect or exploit your hometown?


An isolated and independent little wine town, Ukiah is the county seat of Mendocino County, on the coast of California, north of the Bay. The town has thus far weathered the collapse of the economy and environment better than most parts of California.

Getting its power mostly from the Lake Mendocino Hydroelectric Plant and from wind turbines set up in the windy mountain passes, Ukiah maintained round-the-clock electricity and pulled clean water from the Russian River. As San Francisco likewise remained prosperous for some time, demand for Ukiah’s wine, grape, and lumber exports remained strong enough to sustain the local economy.

Of late, however, things have gotten worse. The Mendocino PG&E office has followed its company’s lead and hiked the price of electricity, and the first rationing of daytime power began in 2019. This rationing has damaged local lumber and manufacturing efficiency.

Demand for luxury goods has waned, and the discontent among local vineyards causes daily problems, as owners lobby town hall and rowdy workers raise hell at local bars.

Crucial to any small town, Ukiah used to sport a very strong return rate among young people. Kids would go off to college or to build careers, but they’d often come back later on, and contribute to a vibrant and youthful city. As the economy worsens, people stay gone, giving the town a sad, dying feeling.

Even the land has grown uglier. Hiding between the mountains, Ukiah avoided much of the polluted air and dirty water contaminating the rest of the west coast. The sky has since grown brown, the water more bitter. Leaves are falling from the trees, boughs are sagging with rot, and the black land is gray and weak as ash.


Here are some links about Ukiah and Mendocino.

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Statistics, demographics, and maps

Everything in these articles is accurate, on the surface, for 2012. Remember that it is now 2020. Whatever shadows have fallen over Ukiah are for your pack to discover, though I will hint at some here.

History – Mendocino County – Events that shaped the region
Geography – Mendocino County – The lay of the land around Mendocino Valley
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Mendocino County

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