In-game Calendar

Use this calendar to reference important dates, and find out what day it is in your campaign.

Phases of the Moon

As Luna waxes and wanes, it can be difficult to track which faces she shows the earth. But the Uratha live and die by the five phases of the moon, so check the letter beside the date to find out if your Auspice moon is in the sky.


N = New (Irraka)
C = Crescent (Ithaeur)
H = Half (Elodoth)
G = Gibbous (Cahalith)
F = Full moon (Rahu)

January, 2020

Sun 5 G 12 G 19 C 26 C Maya Way purchase research
Mon 6 G 13 G 20 C HA visit; Blood Talon fight on 101; TLE debut 27 C
Tue 7 G 14 G Piper, KJ, Vengeance Spirit 21 C Walt gets union job, Brook works at MPG&E 28 C Vite alliance
Wed 1 C 8 G 15 G 22 C Mudd comes home; Dev escapes Humboldt; Walt & Brook escape corn 29 C Battle at World’s Largest
Thu 2 H SoTUP is born! 9 F Invited to Colma 16 H 23 N Pack liberates farm; Cornell saves TLE; James goes to the Rez 30 C Oath with TLE
Fri 3 H 10 F Ritual w/ Scarpa; 1st Ghost Dance encounter 17 H 24 N Coraggio fight; meeting w/ Comrie; Fire at the union hall; Code spirit summoned 31 H
Sat 4 H 11 F 18 H 25 N Maddie 1, Brook 0 2/1 H

February, 2020

Sun 2 H 9 F 16 H Meeting Far-Out Man & Battle vs. Bigot 23 N
Mon 3 H 10 F Preach’s Patch destroyed; Linavaja Truce; Migrants march on Ukiah; Hosts at Hank Caldwell’s 17 C 24 N Walt discovers Smythe grave
Tue 4 G 11 G Brook’s silver river vision & wolf at the door; Luc sponsors Dee 18 C Dee discovers planned Cuzco-LK meetup 25 C Wolfbros go to graveyard; Cornell talks to Josiah Smythe’s ghost, learns the lynching victims’ rage formed the Hangman; First sight of Hangman at the gazebo to find clue as to victim’s tribe; Walter learns murdered girl was named Millie Walton, whose brother moved to LA
Wed 5 G Confronted 3 sisters guarding Rachel Brutocao 12 G Walter meets w/ Dan Comrie 19 C Dev relocates hookers to Maya Way; Cornell and Luc meet FAM at World’s Largest, learn about Jesse Smythe’s dad’s ghost; Pack interrupts Cuzco-LK meeting, Devlin kills KJ; Cornell discovers girl’s ghost in cave 26 C Brook IDs lynch victims as Pomo; Luc & Dee hunt loyalty; Minomiya Kanami calls Walter from Japan to arrange talk, Cornell gets intel about bane strike from dying Frutto, tells Vito; Pack stops Bane attack on Vito’s villa.
Thu 6 G 13 G 20 C Walter starts seeking Jesse Smythe’s grave; Wolfbro hunt-a-thon, Day 1; Prospects begin patrolling Ryanville 27 C Walter agrees to help retrieve Minomiya funds from K&SA, makes appointment for Wednesday 3/4/20. Pack rides to Pomo Rez, helps Elder McComb negotiate terms with Ghost Dance leader Red Horse, retrieves boys’ ashes from Grandmother’s Holler. Devin. Dee saves El Cuzco from lynch mob.
Fri 7 G 14 G Mudd goes Nomad; Devlin meets with Paolo Brutocao 21 C 28 C Maddie sees wolf again. Brook & Dee find lynch mob was unusual; Cornell & Luc follow Persecutor scent to Gazebo, discover Hangman gathering forces, run from banes, who are scared off by World’s Largest. McComb calls Walter re: FBP lumber plan. Devlin challenges Judge Judie, hangs out w/ Dr. Bell. Dee & Brook track the wolf to Bitterman’s. Hangman’s ban: “NO HANGED MAN NEED FEAR THE HANGMAN.” Brook confronts Braggart, learns about Janglin’ Jack.
Sat 8 F Summoned Lanesplitter 15 H 22 N 29 C Leap Year Walter, Piper, Luc & Dee go to Sacramento to get money from K&SA for Minomiya. Bigot crashes Dev’s duel w/ Judge. Dev & Cornell rescue Janglin’ Jack, find Linavaja dead.

March, 2020

Sun 1 H 8 F Darlene Brusaw offers the pack her solar roadways. Pack rides to Sacramento and hear offers on the mine from VES&L and Calico Jack, choosing the latter. Cornell promoted to VP and Dee receives her patch. Dev & Cornell go to SF and meet Ross Brookyln. 15 H 22 C 29 C
Mon 2 H Pack hang themselves and defeat Hangman. Fireteam Argent & 3rd 3rd Marines invade Ukiah. Pack flees to San Francisco. 9 F Walt & Brook head go to Tesla to find Vanderwald of VES&L trying to strongarm the miners. Ross, Cornell, and Devlin go to Point Arena Lighthouse and learn the GGGs moved Shogun to Ukiah. Delia infiltrates Ukiah to learn about Dyanne Traeger’s partying and disappearing veterans. Jorst advises Walt not to let Sons and GGGs come to blows. 16 H 23 N 30 H
Tues 3 H Sons aid GGGs in battle at Fort Point. Stretch gives them lead in San Jose. 10 F 17 H 24 N 31 H
Wed 4 G Sons help Brigid Sayuri intercept Los Malditos drug shipment & meet with Momma Krystal near Santa Cruz, fighting off Mexican vampire bikers. Walter meets Peter Forsythe and tracks Los Malditos’ silver coins to the Deadwood Press in Needles, CA 11 G 18 C 25 N
Thu 5 G In Needles, local pack wiped out at their locus. Deadwood Press owner murdered, press stolen by redneck vampires. Sons pick fight with vamps at Night Market, discover map to Tesla, CA. 12 G 19 C 26 C
Fri 6 G Sons meet Sara Gallagher near Needles and find it turned into a slave mine. They raid the owners’ house and discover the vamps sleep in the mine and have it flooded by night. 13 G 20 C 27 C
Sat 7 G Sons disable pumping station while Sara & Walter infiltrate camp and arm miners. Pack kills Oberlochs. 14 G 21 C 28 C

In-game Calendar

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