(GGG) Zamir

Songbird and sage


Hunter in Darkness Cahalith

“Can the moon hear me howl? My pack hears. And so do you.”


Her parents sent her from Haifa to the San Francisco opera, in part to avoid service in the Israeli army, but she mostly coasted on talent and partied herself sick. She Changed on a camping trip to Mt. Tamalpais, when her would-be rapists found they hadn’t spiked her drink quite hard enough. A terrified teenager quickly became a crazed werebeast who tore them limb from limb.

Ronny and Elias intercepted and subdued the new wolf before she took her frenzy to the nearby cabins, poaching her from the Surf Mountain Mennina pack. This conflict would have ended in tragedy had the reluctant new Uratha not pledged herself to the Hunters in Darkness but remained with the Guardians.

She took the name Zamir, the Hebrew word for singer or nightingale, but was deeply traumatized by her Change and the violence thereafter. She rebelled against her new role at every turn, going so far as to become a pacifist werewolf. She also broke one of the People’s greatest taboos by responding to the lovelorn overtures of Ronny Shinigami.

Predictably, this liaison produced a Unihar spirit-wolf. Hollow Bone Music killed almost a dozen Uratha along the coast before Zamir hunted her monstrous offspring down and slew it. The fallout nearly cost Elias his crown, and Zamir volunteered to drink a concoction brewed from the blood of her child’s victims which would render her sterile.

Since then, the party-girl has become a model packmember. A peacemaker, she was ever the glue that held the Triple Gs together, and remains more than ever the heart and conscience of the pack. Zamir has joined the similarly idealistic Lodge of Gaia’s Get. Whenever possible, she hangs back from combat and supports her packmates with her staff fetish, Nightingale Choir, and with the loveliest Cahalith howls many wolves ever hear.

(GGG) Zamir

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