Thunderbird's Last Echo

Pack totem, last follower of a long-gone powerful thunderbird spirit


Thunderbird’s Last Echo, Midnight-Hummingbird-of-Loyalty

Power 0 Finesse 000000
Resistance 00
Willpower (Res x2) 4 Essence (15) 15
Initiative (Fin x2) 12 Defense (Pow or Fin) 6
Speed (Pow+Fin+Size) 8 Size 1
Corpus (“Health”, Res + Size) 3
Influences (Pow + Fin, Ess):
Birds 0 Loyalty 0
Material Vision Pow + Fin See into the material world
Blast Pow + Fin, +2 per Ess Ranged attack, lethal
Reaching Pow + Fin Numina breach Gauntlet
Clasp Pow + Fin Successful grapple immobilizes opponent, +1 Ess for lethal damage
Drain Pow + Fin vs Stam + Res + PU Steal Ess or Will from material being, winner gets pont difference
Bonuses (bought with Totem points):
Given Skill - Brawl +1
Let no insult to your pack mate go unanswered.
Totem points:
Brook 3
Cornell 2
Devlin 2
Luc 5
Mudd 1
Walter 1
Total 14
Spent 14

Thunderbird's Last Echo

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