SoT prospects

Junior members of the Sons of Thunder


Dan Bernadine

The pack first met Dan in the process of buying his former home, 838 Maya Way, for use as a brothel. A contractor and general handyman, Dan had just finished putting up the walls of a new addition when he lost his job. He couldn’t find another one. So Dan and his family moved back to tenements, where he’d promised he’d never return. Momma Bernadine’s baby boy was never one to mope or wallow, so when the Sons came around with an offer on the house, he took it in exchange for contracting work for him and his friends. And they all had motorcycles and not a lot to lose, so they pledged as SoT prospects.

He looks like a roughneck, but Dan is industrious and clever, always looking for some new way to get his family and friends ahead. The other prospects look to him for leadership when the voting council aren’t around, and his advice to the council, if asked, is good as well. They’ve taken to calling him Burner, for all the midnight oil. Sure, that’s why.

Charlie Prokop

Dan and Charlie grew up more like brothers than cousins, though Charlie was from Willets and Dan from Ukiah. Dan’s father left, and Charlie’s died a few months later, so their two mothers and fathers’ mom pooled their resources to raise the boys together. But handsome athlete Charlie was always getting in trouble, and after blowing out his knee on the gridiron, he got caught carrying distribution-weight pot, with no coaches willing to pull strings.

Out on parole, Charlie took a job with one of Dan’s auto-mechanic friends, and learned the trade. He was a natural, and boosted business plenty, until the owner had a heart-attack, and his widow decided to sell the business — not to an ex-con, and not to anyone who wanted to hire one. Once again, Dan had Charlie’s back, getting him a pair of coveralls at Monroe Automotive, and a prospect patch with the SoT.

Kelly Riviera

Kelly Riviera met Dan Bernadine through work. Whenever he needed a top-notch electrician, he called up Kelly. At first his wife didn’t think it seemly for Christian folks to have a butch lesbian in the house, but since getting to know Kelly, has dramatically changed her position on the gays.

Quick-witted and daring, game for anything, Kelly is the life of the prospect party. They call her The Shocker. She also happens to be the most well-read person in the whole club, speed-reading through a book or two a day if she can. Kelly rocks the butch look pretty hardcore, except for wearing her hair long on top (the sides are shaved and tattooed with lightning bolts). She has publicly declared her intent to call everyone by an embarrassing nickname when she gets her member patch.

Ned “Medium Hoss” Slater

Medium Hoss is about as wide as he is tall, and enough of it is muscle to make him an unfortunate bar-fight to pick. Ned met Charlie Prokop in prison on a dime stretch for GTA. Specifically, they met when Ned kept his fellow Aryans from kicking Charlie’s teeth down his throat.

Slater swears to God, he only joined the Brotherhood for protection. The day he got out, he got the SS shield on his forehead inked over to a row of three shields that say “TRUTH,” “MERCY,” “PEACE,” in German. Then he got himself good and drunk and peeled the swastika off his forearm with his army knife. Charlie, coming to visit and celebrate Ned’s freedom, found his friend unconscious and bleeding out, and saved his life.

Medium Hoss is a former Army Ranger, the toughest of the Prospects, and the most buttoned-up. He also struggles with wartime PTSD and crushing guilt over his days as muscle for “those pigfuck un-American Nazis,” and a barely-suppressed terror said pigfucks will find out he’s no longer interested in crusading against the ZOG.


SoT prospects

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