(GGG) Smoking Mirror's Daughter

Aggressive Irraka


“Your guts are showing.”


Smoking Mirror’s Daughter was born Natalya Dominguez in South Central, LA. She came up to the bay after a stint in Juvie turned into a stint in Women’s Prison in Dublin for assaulting a fellow inmate at 17. Out on parole, she ran into Elias Winterborn at a corner store. When she looked at him again, a great beast seemed compressed under his skin, writhing to break free, and a voice of fire roared in her head, “THIS IS TRUTH!”

Believing herself chosen by God to hunt monsters, she bought a shotgun and boiled her mother’s silver into buckshot. She ambushed Elias and riddled with shot. He would have tied had Ronny not found him and convinced a local spirit-ridden to heal him. When Elias was well, he and Ronny tracked down his would-be slayer.

The night they found her, she’d seen a beast writhing under her own skin. Hounded by Werewolves and enraged, Natalya Changed and gave them the fight of their lives before Ronny called a truce and offered to teach her what she’d become. Elias reluctantly agreed, and never regretted it as the newly minted Smoking Mirror’s Daughter embraced her legacy to become one of the fiercest and most resourceful Uratha around.

She is so fierce that every year, she challenged Elias for alpha. Every year, he picked a trial by combat in Dalu form, and every year he won handily. But the challenge itself became something of a pack tradition, and Smoking Mirror’s Daughter wishes Elias were still around to challenge. She’s never thought to challenge Stretch, as “he’s our leader, but he’s not our alpha.”

Smoking Mirror’s Daughter is equal parts scout, saboteur and savage fighter. She can recon the enemy position without being spotted, turn any advance into a living hell of booby traps and surprise attacks, and do incredible damage close-in with her knives or from afar with her handmade luneshaft talens. She has mellowed considerably since the pack’s early days, but remains a font of biting sarcasm who will suffer no fools. Nor will she hesitate to quietly remove troublemakers who cannot be dealt with publicly.

(GGG) Smoking Mirror's Daughter

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