(GGG) Ronny Shinigami

Reaper Ronny


“Spirits only ever want to eat. It’s easy to negotiate with someone who only has one desire.”


His girlfriend gone and his dojinshi rejected, pretentious teen genius Ronald Ishihara tried to commit seppuku with a Chinatown katana, only to find his wound closing around the blade. Rescued by the Fingers of the Hand, Ronny faced a brutal training regimen under Scarpa himself. He excelled at dealing with spirits, even if his ideas were unorthodox, but when it came time for initiation — to spend a week trapped in the sepulcher in the Fingers’ mausoleum locus — he could not even get through a day.

Exiled and shamed, he chanced upon Elias Winterborn, riddled with silver bullets thanks to the woman who was about to become Smoking Mirror’s Daughter. Ronny’s quick thinking convinced a Spirit-Claimed healer to save the dying Rahu. Though Ronny has never been the beta wolf in the Golden Gate Guardians, he has always unquestionably been Elias’s best friend.

Ronny Shinigami, also called Reaper Ronny, has never particularly excelled in stand-up fights. But he knows more rituals than anyone in the bay save Scarpa, and has a knack for stretching spirit magic in ways others would not have envisioned. Unlike Elias, Ronny finds spirits fascinating, and has written about them extensively.

He learned quite a great deal about the spirit wilds during a two-year self-imposed exile. Ronny had pretty much fallen for Zamir at first sight, and his tenacity finally hooked in her desire to rebel against her werewolf condition. Their affair produced the Unihar spirit-wolf called Hollow Bone Music, who murdered Uratha until Zamir herself hunted it down.

So Ronny went into exile, joined by his friend and fellow otaku, the Mage Alina Exarch. He emerged from deep within the Hisil (and beyond) much changed, and with a son by Alina, only to find Zamir had been forced to sterilize herself so Elias could keep his crown. Despite some initial resentment, the two packmates are now close friends. Ronny was hit especially hard by Elias’s departure, and now rarely speaks in the presence of outsiders, delving harder than ever into spirit lore for an unknown purpose.

Once a gawky joke in his goth getups, Reaper Ronny has grown into the look. Whip-thin, with long limbs and fingers, he wears his hair down almost to the floor, save shaving it on the sides to make room for tattoos of Samurai jisei no ku death poems. He collects trench coats of Japanese gothic make, and highlights his sharp cheekbones with red eye-shadow. In combat, his farmer’s scythe serves more as a focus for gifts than for combat, but he’s disemboweled a foe or two in his time.

(GGG) Ronny Shinigami

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