Monique Slaughter

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“Luc’s Junk, how’s it hangin’?”


Monique was a military brat staying with her stepfather while her mother was deployed in North Korea. When mom’s helicopter was shot down by friendly fire, stepdad first got handsy, and then got distant, and finally just kicked her out.

16-year-old Monique wandered up the coast with her slacker boyfriend, until they met a charismatic meth dealer and got hooked. She started helping him rob liquor stores while turning tricks on the side for extra cash. When the boyfriend found out, he confronted the dealer, and Monique never saw him again.

Just over five months ago, her dealer/pimp ran afoul of Krazin’ Juice, and was killed in a shootout with KJ’s vato allies. KJ took Monique as his “Chocolate-covered prize o’ war,” and she was the first of the girls in the Trail Mix.

KJ didn’t like crank because “it dries out what oughtta be wet, son,” so Monique has been clean since being detoxed at gunpoint. KJ actually fed his girls pretty well and made sure they got regular exercise, so she’s also in the best shape she’s ever been.

Monique is a lovely black woman, healthy if just-a-bit-muscular. She seems to have some trouble adjusting to life without a pimp, and whether you find her acting brassily defiant or docile and submissive is mostly a toss of the dice.

Monique Slaughter

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