(GGG) Leati-Joe

Replacement Rahu of the Golden Gate Guardians


Blood Talon Rahu

“Hit hard. Hit often. Hooooo-AAAH!”


The Siva Tau were among the toughest Blood Talons in California. Staunch allies of the Golden Gate Guardians, this all-Samoan pack patrolled the wilderness and coastline south of Pacifica. That is, until the Deep rose in the Hisil and its Seaborne slaughtered the Siva Tau in an ambush. When the Triple Gs went down to investigate, they found only one survivor: Leati Joe, youngest of the pack’s three Rahu.

Joe did not survive by running or hiding or playing dead. The Guardians found him unconscious, having clawed his way out of one bloated spirit’s belly, his talons sunk into the chest of another, blue-black blood of a third dripping from his chin.

Joe was without a pack, the Guardians missing their Rahu. So the only logical thing was to offer the promising young warrior a spot. Joe took the time to mourn and bury his packmates, and then took his place among the premiere pack in NorCal.

Leati-Joe is a very different animal from his predecessor, all unstoppable muscle and fury where Elias was a cold pragmatist. Joe is not a tactician or general, nor does he wish to be. And so his new pack has had to adjust to a Rahu who fights like a beast and follows orders. They’ve taken to teasing him about trying to be more like Elias, though it’s largely good-natured and Joe takes it in stride with feigned indignation.

Still, Joe comes with his own advantages. For one thing, in his early twenties, he’s already a better pure fighter than Elias in his prime, capable of feats of bloodletting fit to make elder Predator Kings soil themselves. He’s utterly fearless in battle, and never stops until his mission is complete.

Leati-Joe is also a man of deep conscience and unflappable idealism. Any pack of veteran Uratha is bound to turn cynical, and the new Rahu reminds the Guardians why they fight every time he charges boldly into danger to protect the weak, or finds reserves of willpower no-one expected.

(GGG) Leati-Joe

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