Kevin "Krazin' Juice" Jenkins

Outdoorsy pimp -- DECEASED!


“Yo my nigga, reach into the trail mix and choose yo’ nut.”


The thug life did not choose KJ; KJ chose the thug lfie.

Born and raised in Little River, Kevin Jenkins was bused to Willits as a high-schooler for his prowess on the football field. Sadly, gridiron greatness escaped KJ, who took advantage of his big-man-on-campus status to get as much pot, pills, and pussy as he could. When the scouts came to check him out, he was too blitzed to give them a show.

After flunking out of high school, KJ became a townie gym-rat, though he did make friends with several Mexican ex-cons who dealt pot, and got to know some of the local hookers. One of his homies complained that it was hard for Mexicans to get white trim in Mendocino, and KJ recognized an opportunity to make some scratch.

Always a big fan of gangsta music and thug pretension, Kevin took the name “Krazin’ Juice” and started pimping white-trash girls, until local crime interests decided to take him out. All his girls save one were killed in the shotgun driveby on the sleazy motel where he operated, but KJ managed to slip away.

He hooked up with his Latino homies, who called in a couple friends from Humboldt. Together with his one surviving girl, (now his “bottom bitch” Ice Lava) they gathered a few independent hookers and set up camp, literally in one of the seedier campgrounds around Lake Mendocino.

Always an outdoorsy sort of guy, KJ kept his girls in tents while he himself lived with his bottom bitch in an old silver bullet RV. As pimps go, Krazin’ Juice was more brutal than some, less than others. Grueling nature hikes without food or water were his favorite form of punishment, though Ice Lava would cut a bitch who got out of line once in a while. The best times for the girls were when KJ took his tricked-out pickup into town to scout out new girls for the Trail Mix.

After being rousted from his campground by the Sons of Thunder, KJ’s whereabouts are currently unknown. His rivals among the local white-trash crooks would love to know where he is, and how such a sleazy little wanna-be thug managed to get his hands on the primo coke he was pushing to customers.

Kevin "Krazin' Juice" Jenkins

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