James Brook


Trea spatch

Auspice: Cahalith
Tribe: Iron Masters
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Sloth

Int 3 Str 2 Pre 2
Wit 3 Dex 2 Man 2
Res 2 Sta 2 Com 3

Academics 1
Computers (Internet) 2
Crafts 2
Investigation 2
Medicine 1
Occult 2
Science 1

Drive (motorcycles) 2
Firearms (pistol) 2

Expression (digital arts) 2
Persuasion 2
Socialize 2
Streetwise 1

Danger Sense 2
Eidetic Memory 2
Resources 1
Contacts 2

Glory 1
Cunning 2

Pack Awareness p117
Left Handed Spanner p142
Know Name p126

Health 7
Willpower 5
Primal Urge 1


Brook was a bright child. He spent his younger years with the certainly that he would go to college and have a promising future. When the time came to apply for college his lethargic nature reared and he never actually turned in any applications. This outraged his parents. Not wanting to deal with it he signed up for a technique scholarship with the army. Just one signature, no lengthy applications or essays.
It wasn’t long before he found himself in Iraq maintaining critical communications infrastructure. Though he’d never admit it, the life suited him pretty well. Challenging technical tasks, but plenty of time to slack off. Surrounded by danger, but never sent on any actually dangerous missions. He would have signed up for a second tour – had he not changed. The change was mental as well as physical and left in him a calling to go back home and find out what it all meant.

Oath and Auspice

Brook has come back to his hometown to see it prosper. He strives to encourage those with the power to change things for the better do not sit idle. He moves to understand the strength and weaknesses of Ukiah as a city and economic region. He guides his pack to efforts that will most help it.
Brook has taken his natural talent and creative expression in the digital world to help promote the city of Ukiah. There is much important hidden information to gain online if one knows where to look for it, and Brook revels in exploiting this information for the good of the territory.

Hipster bike

James Brook

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