Far-Out Man

City Father of Ukiah


I haven’t met with any Uratha since the 70’s man. With you folks it’s usually red aura, red aura, and then you bark up the wrong tree and, whoa! No more auras!"


Can you even call the spirit of a town like Ukiah a “City” Father? San Jose doesn’t even have one, and there’s almost a million people in San Jose, while Ukiah has fifteen thousand (twenty if you count the Ryvanville) and has had a patron spirit since the 1960s. But Ukiah has something that gives San Jose trouble – a vibrant personality. And Ukiah’s patron spirit has personality for miles, and a vibe that hasn’t changed much since the 60s.

He appears as a lanky hippie with pages from famous liberal treatises in place of skin, silk book-marks instead of hair, and bell-bottoms and a vest of hemp, and a smiley-face t-shirt. Ray-Ban aviators are embedded where his eyes should be, and shift to display different views from throughout Ukiah. He talks with the mellow patois of a classic hippie, though always with three different voices of renowned local citizens.

Not the most powerful spirit, or even among the most powerful in Ukiah, Far-Out Man is clever, wise, and nearly indestructible so long as the city stands. His values are the laid-back, progressive values of Ukiah, and so he tends to be welcoming, peaceful, forward-thinking, and open to new people and ideas — so long as those ideas aren’t conservative or bellicose. Like many old hippies, he is actually as set-in-his-ways as the squares he despises.

Like any seemingly benevolent spirit, Far-Out Man is still a spirit. A predator. He wants Ukiah to prosper so he can prosper, and he wants it to prosper in a way that suits his purviews. While he’ll oppose any attempt to change the town’s governing philosophies with all his savvy, he’ll support anything that helps his town just as passionately. Like any City Father, Far-Out Man is a wise and resourceful ally, and a prohibitively entrenched enemy.

Far-Out Man

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