Sara Gallagher

The Devil's Daughter


“Thanks fer the help with them licks, vicar. Hope you don’t mind I told one of ‘em where to find you, and let him go? Looks like no more touchin’ on kids for you, eh? Oh, and hail Satan.”


Sara Gallagher grew up a street kid in either Cheapside London or Sydney — her accent flows between Aussie and British, and she won’t tell anyone where she’s really from. Wherever it was, it made her clever and tough. On the streets, a kid sees things no-one ever should, so Sarah’d survived a meeting or two with the things in the shadows before she hit her teens and joined the Lucifuge.

These mysterious monster hunters trace their lineage and black miracles to Satan himself, and one of their knights traveled halfway ‘round the world to find the pale teenager who held a running dialog with the Devil, whom she called simply “Pop,” Sera had already joined local hunters to take down a vampire slumlord, and greeted the knight with, "Oy! Pop says you’re late! When do I learn to summon imps ‘n’ shite?"

Since then, Sierra’s become one of the Lucifuge’s most prolific and well-traveled agents, going wherever she hears about a particularly monstrous abuse. Before emerging in North America, she spent two years in the Amazon and popped up at least twice in the Siberian steppe.

Cera either cultivates a persona of pixie madness or is indeed a bit crazy. Either way, she’s endlessly resourceful and not to be underestimated, especially as it seems Dear Old Dad keeps her prepared for contingencies no-one else could predict. Like, say, a pack of biker werewolves showing up to help her deal with a vampire mining operation.

Not all the monsters Sara met on the streets were villains, and not all the hunters she’s worked with have been heroes, so she tends to judge individuals on their merits. She especially hates pious hypocrites and abusers of children, and won’t hesitate to sic a pack of nightmares on a human predator, ally or not.

Sara Gallagher

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