Bill Sykes

Old-school thug


A member of the idiosyncratic Lodge of Enactment, Bill Sykes’s literary model should be obvious to anyone who’s ever read Dickens. With his pit-bull physique and uncanny resemblance to Oliver Reed, there really is no one else he could have chosen.

The veteran Bone Shadow’s Enactment has been a long one, and led him to San Francisco in the 1970s. There, he joined Scarpa’s Fingers of the Hand pack, and is now the only remaining original member besides the old Itaeur himself.

Sykes is at once known for being a bone-loyal beta wolf and a free-acting agent. Since joining the pack, his personal charge has been to bring Colma’s various criminal organizations to heel.

For the gang-bangers, it took Sykes himself and maybe a pair of ’ard boys he called in from South London. For the entrenched local mafia, it took the whole pack. But within a few years, every crook in Colma kept quiet and kicked up to a mean local bruiser with a Cockney growl.

Today, Bill Sykes is handing the reins of the underworld to pack Rahu and fellow Enactor Quaz. But he’s never been much of a teacher, and the hunchback is a slow learner. So Scarpa is sending Sykes around California, instructing packs on the rites of the Forsaken.

Bill Sykes is short and burly, with round shoulders and strangler’s hands. He has a brutish, but not unhandsome face hidden behind heavy sideburns and oily hair, and intense blue eyes. He goes about in the scarf, loafers, slacks, and leather coats of a London thug, and speaks with the appropriate Cockney accent. When he finds he’s enjoying teaching too much, he finds some spirit-ridden and rips its throat out.


Bill Sykes

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